Our Story

Barett Craft Beer was founded in December, 2015 with the position to be the first craft beer company in Viet Nam, create a new style of beer. Barett Craft Brewery is located at Barett Smart Factory, My Hao, Hung Yen, Viet Nam.

Craft Beer started from America and Europe, specially Germany - With the desire to bring a truly special beer to every Vietnamese, Barett Craft Beer is inspired by the awakening of senses and personality. Each person will enjoy Barett Craft Beer in different ways. More than regular drink, Barett Craft Beer is actually perfect product by unique - creative - personality brewmaster.

Natural Ingredients

Being 100% Natural is always the principe of Barett Beers. We use only 4 types of ingredients: Malts, Hops, Yeast and Water.

Strict production process

Our ongoing commitment is keeping unnecessary ingredients and additives out of our products. By controlling the manufacturing and distribution process from beginning to end, our products undergo very strict testing in order to make sure it meets our standards

Unique Flavour

From 4 types of ingredients, brewmasters incorporated ingeniously the ingredients and create 4 unique flavors of Barett Beer to choose